Facilitating a performance workshop in NYC called Resistance Reformatory.

Facilitating a performance workshop in NYC called Resistance Reformatory.


Artist Statement

To lose touch with the spirit of Earth is to lose Earth, but what do shamans look like in the age of the internet? Katie Macyshyn is a sex mystic serving theater, costume, video, sound, and installation to explore pop and presence.  Her performances take the form of vignettes that can be remixed to create surprising synchronicities through layering and deconstruction.


Macyshyn’s high camp performances calibrate the forces of spirituality and profanity. During the performances, artist and viewer help smooth the kinks in Earth’s collective frequency through empathy. Using a multidisciplinary approach, she helps open viewers to experiencing their bodies and energies in a way that disconnects them from their ego mind and questions dualism.


Character is a mechanism, which, like the human body, shows extreme plasticity. Macyshyn uses several archetypal characters in her work. Though these characters have different mythologies, they are all radical shamans.


Macyshyn is presently channeling XXX(Triple X) Stacy (Sex Teacher Advocates Chronic You-foria), an Anunnaki alien/woman hybrid. Having elected to be born in ecstasy, XXX Stacy operates on an elevated level of consciousness. Her heroic mission is one of philanthropy.  XXX Stacy spreads ecstatic experiences to fight the dominator culture of Western civilization. Society’s overall failure to value mystical unitive experiences result in the systematic suppression of psychedelic drug exploration and female sexuality. The enemy, ignorance, is fast spreading to the furthest reaches of the globe. Can XXX Stacy use divine providence to retrieve lost parts of the soul and save Earth before it is too late?


To be continued...